abnormal biopsy report.

Hi everyone. 

I am new to this site and just seeking some help and advice please.

I had a normal smear last August and at the beginning of this year I had had some bleeding in between periods. 

I went to my gp and she had a look. She saw something that didn't concern her but wanted to referral made to get a colposcopy because I was symptomatic.  I went a few weeks later and they took a biopsy. The consultant said the cervix looked normal and so biopsy was precautionary.  I have just received the results and they say they want me back in 6 months for a repeat colposcopy as the result suggest some abnormal cell changes. They do not go on to explain exactly what changes are seen...ie.. CIN etc. Although it says there is no need for immediate concern, I am worrying a bit. 

Has anyone had anything similar and also had to wait so long to go back. I'm sure it's a good thing that the waiting period is half a year but il be thinking of it all that time now. 

I've always had normal smears so I am surprised at this result. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

E xxx