abit worried ( li-fraumeni carrier )

hi im new to this site, i had my smear test on the 8th of march 2018... still havent got my results ( only 15 days ago... so might still be early ) anyway im not sure if my symptoms are cervical related or ovarian.. Or something else! ..i gave birth to my second child in december 2017. my period returns quite quick. anyway since the end of jan 2018 i have had this dull pain which is the SAME menstrul pain feeling and the top of my stomach...sometimes its in the pelnic area..feel sick every now and again ( might be my anemia ) i did have a blood test ( FBC ) they came back abnormal but expexted apparently... need to repeat in 2 months time. this pain iv had is really annoying and some days im so tired i cant feed my son i fall asleep. i have lost weight a stone. i checked my weight other day and gone up again. i wake up in sweats now and again. the pain can last all day..  the pain is starting to get worse when i drink fluids or eat food . i have no heart burn or hiccups etc so not indigestions.. no acid refulx. my cancer gene is very rare yet alot of families have it especially in the US we can develop cancer very young and they can be aggressive and it can be all cancers. i know my body and for me this isnt normal. im not going to lie i am starting to panic. also intercourse is beginning to feel uncomfortable! oh and i swear i have irregular periods i was on before my smear test and came on today! my back is the worst its been! please can someone reassure me im over reacting!