Abdominal vs Vaginal trachelectomy

Hi everyone!

I was recently diagnosed with 1b1 SCC cerival cancer at the age of 26. I'm very interested in preserving my fertility & will have an egg collection next week as back up but I was wondering if anyone else had to decide between abdominal (ART) or vaginal (VRT) radical trachelectomy. Both have similar outcomes in terms of removing the cancer (ART seems to be slightly better) but VRT seems to have the major upper hand when it comes to preserving fertility which is the whole point of having a trachelectomy vs a hysterectomy!

I'm curious to see what other people decided & why, or if they wish they'd had a choice??


I'm booked in for an ART on the 7/11/2018. I just hope I'm making the right choice.


Hi there.

I was diagnosed at 26 also. personally to have the abdominal surgery if it has even a slightly better outcome In removing the cancer is what I would choose Because realistically if they don’t get it all, they will have to perform the hysterectomy further down the line. I think it’s a very well informed decision. I hope it all goes well when the time comes.


charlene x


I was also diagnosed at 26 and had abdominal surgery. I wasnt given an option of any other type of surgery.incision but I know some hosiptals offer it robot assisted where they can make smaller incisions. I think the best option is the one that will likely remove all the cc. Abdominal incision was hard going for me but do-able. If you have any questions feel free to messgae me x