Abdominal pain

Hi lovely ladies
Hope you’re ok
It’s been a while since posting on here, in 2013 I was treated for cervical cancer with Lletz, top hat and lymph node removal.
Apart from some inflammation and CIN in 2014 all has been ok.
I went for my check up on 3/12 and consultant said he could see abnormalities in the cervical canal so on the 7/12 I was booked in for Lletz and EUA under general anaesthetic.
This was my forth Lletz
Any how yesterday started to feel quite sick, dehydrated and have a bad adbominal pain on my lower left side. Doesn’t appear to be an infection as no smell, there is still discharge though, has anyone had this?
I’ve had quite a poorly tummy too and could be totally unrelated however am freaking out a bit.
Was supposed to get results on 18/12 however as they weren’t avail am now due to go in tomorrow
Any advice or info really welcome
Thank you and keep strong ladies, sending lots of hugs and Christmas wishes xxx

I don't know the answer it could be totally unrelated or could be your body healing. hope you get answers today and let us know how you get on lots of hugs being sent your way Xxx

Hi Sarah, thank you so much for replying to me x

went for my results today and it has come back as CIN1 and all taken in the Lletz, really relieved in all honesty. 

Thank u so much for responding to mE, hope you have a lovely Christmas xxx