Abdo pain 3 years post op

Hi ladies. Im after some advice. Im 3 years post radical for 1b1 cc. No further treatment needed and iv been fine since. Over the last few months iv been feeling bloated, feeling full easily but struggling to lose weight. The last few days iv been getting bad stomach cramps, a sharp pain in lower abdo on the left, a horrible pressure pain in the left side of my vagina and terrible back pain which goes into my hips and thighs. Iv been to my gp today whos requested ultrasound scans. She also tested my urine which was full of blood and sent me for a blood test. Has anyone been through anything similar or had similar symptoms?im in a lot of pain and cant help worrying xx


im sorry you have to deal with the worry all over again. I am happy you have started the ball rolling and are scheduled for scans. I'm just wondering why you didn't go back to the team that did your surgury. Why the GP? surely they could get scans and give better support more quickly. 

I do hope it turns out as something not sinister. Sending you giagantic hugs!!!