for the last 18 months i have been having issues with bleeding after intercourse, have had several biopsies and hot loop

diathermy and it is still occuring, biopsy shows early changes every time in the same place, i have been discharged back to my doctors 3

doc 3 times and every time then get referred back to my obs and gyn specialist, am sick and tired of being pushed from pillar to postfollowing my last procedure i then got a pelvic inflammatory infection and had to spend a further amount of time in hospital,

which scared everyone, including myself...

I am back to see him early may and am thinking i want to ask for a cervix removal operation do you think this is too radical a

procedure. I am 45 with no desire for any further children, i have 2 girls and a boy.


Thoughts please




Hi Tina,

It sounds to me like a trachelectomy might be a great idea in your circumstances but are you somewhere you can just request an operation for convenience?

Be lucky


I have no idea if this is possible in my area, but am seeing him on may 7th so am going to ask him then.

Thank you