A year today I had my radical hysterectomy

I can’t believe it’s a year today I had my radical hysterectomy. I also had my three monthly check up today so I felt a bit overwhelmed, now I’m on six month check ups so that is something positive.  Reflecting on the past year, it has been a rollercoaster ride, getting the all clear wasn’t easy as I thought it would be, infact harder that’s when the flood gates opened, work didn’t make it easy for me asking for a medical repor, when I was on a phased return and feeling very vulnerable. A year has gone on, now I am working my notice and due to startiwork at a new job. I’ve gone back to uni, done a creative writing courose, and have also joined a walking group, all these hobbies are helping me to buiild my confidence up, however accorrding to my consultant I stilll have a long way to go, which made me feel disappointed as I worked bloody hard to get where I am today.

Hey! High five to you Cazzie!

So in the last twelve months you have not only beaten cancer but you have also escaped a sh*tty employer and found yourself a new one :-) What's not to be proud of there you amazing woman? Oh, and I missed off going back to uni to study as well as joining a fit and healthy outdoor group! Yay! Way to go girl! Time to start admiring yourself I do think :-)

Be lucky:-)

Thank you Tivoli, it’s been such a rollercoaster ride, but hopefully on the right track now.xx

Hey Cazzie! Onwards and upwards lovie! 



Thank you, Flossie.xx