A week after LLETZ and still tired

Dear all. I had my LLETZ a week ago today, and thankfully the procedure itself wasn’t too bad at all, I haven’t had any bleeding and very little pain since, but I am still feeling pretty wiped out and get bouts of feeling light headed, needing to lie down.
I’ve just called the clinic and they said the way I’m feeling shouldn’t be because of the LLETZ and I should contact my GP.

To be fair, I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks, which has been generally well managed with medication, but this whole procedure made me very anxious. Maybe the way I’m feeling is ‘just’ my anxiety and not a physical after-effect of the procedure? Have others had similar experience? Thank you.

Hi Jazmin I had lletz around 5 weeks ago, during the first week I felt very tired I remember being on the school run in the afternoon waiting in the car nearly falling asleep while waiting, felt my eyes rolling lol (I’m never like this!) I’ve had the odd day like this since but not as bad but I do feel like I’ve lost my get up and go, Perhaps a mental drain from the worrying and waiting. You’ll get back into the swing of things maybe give it a few more days and see how you feel then contact your gp but if your worried and it’s more of a passing out light headed defo give them a ring just incase x

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Why don’t they tell you how tired you’ll be after LLETZ? Only coming on here and seeing posts do I know it’s not just me. Had it done on Thursday and literally slept most of Friday. Never have I slept so much in my life.

I thought this too had mine thursday morning and i jjst feel shattered! Cant sleep though as soon as i close my eyes i hear mam mam mam but im so tired and just pleased im not back to work till thursday xx