A tip for anyone not enjoying pads after LLETZ

I haven’t used pads for years so am finding them very plasticy and sweaty, especially at night. So I have copied my tween daughter and got myself some period pants. I bought modibodi but other brands are available. Finding them much more comfortable. Worth a try.


I was told to expect a 4 week long period.

(Can’t wait to get back to my moon cup when it’s safe to do so!)

I’ve got some of those (and some reusable pads) but wasn’t sure whether they’d be slightly more likely to lead to infection? I know it’s probably not that logical (I mean, if I didn’t think they’re completely clean I wouldn’t be prepared to use them normally, so why is it any different now?) but I suppose I was thinking you end up not changing them as frequently or something . You’ve given me food for thought :slight_smile:

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Yea I had mine yesterday and tried a disposable pad and just couldn’t do it :see_no_evil: I’m using reusable ones from years ago when I had babies. So much more comfortable!

Rest up and hope you are soon on the mend. X