a small idea for raising money

hi all

just thought i’d share an idea i had for fund raising. this year it’s my 30th birthday and after the year i’ve had i’m so grateful for being here to celebrate it and being able to look forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come. Anyway, i’ve asked my friends and family to make a small donation to Jo’s instead of giving me a birthday card. Seemed like a good idea because that way i’m only asking people for money they would have spent anyway. I’ve only set a small target of £30 (30th birthday - £30, get it!!) but i know every little helps… and i’ve just sent off the booking form to do a skydive in august so hopefully raise some more money for Jo’s then!!!

love and hugs, jen xxxxxxxxxxxxx

A fabulous idea honey…my cousins just done the same thing for her wedding instead of a wedding list…
((Mind you it was her 2nd and her new husbands 3rd!!)) I spose there’s only so many toasters that you need eh??

By the way…congrats on your birthday…hope it s agood one for you?? x


Thats a very very good idea…

Hope u have a lovely 30th.


Hi :slight_smile:

My mum and I were thinking of a similar thing the other day, its my 30th at the end of the year, mums 50th and my brothers 16th. We are having a do with a fab local band who have a big following here and were milling over the idea of asking for £5 each to our friends and anyone who wants to come to donate to jo’s :slight_smile:

Look at all these ideas buzzing around… :slight_smile:

Emma x x x

that sounds like a really good idea hun. People have been really generous so far so am already over the £30 target which is great.

Thanks for your lovely messages. am acually looking forward to this birthday, just glad to have made it to celebrate it xxxxxxx

I can’ believe it but i raised just over £170 doing this, and still have a bit more to add. I had aimed to raise £30 and just asked people to donate a pound or so but everyone was just so generous and happy to see the money go to Jo’s.

It really made my birthday having such fab family and friends and being able to give this money to Jo’s xxxxx

That’s amazing chick…
Its wonderful how generous people can be…and obviously how much they think of you!!!
Congrats and happy belated birthday x x