a positive story ")

Hey ladies :) 

Just thought I would share my story so far and hopefully it may give some of you's some reassurance :) x

Well I had my first ever smear in november '13 age 26, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be abit uncomfortable but thats it anyways after I had it done I didnt think anything of it and just got on as normal. Then in December I got the dreaded phone call from my GP in which he told me that it was bad news and that I had cervical cancer :( (he even told me I would need a hysterectomy) I kept this news to myself and just tried to carry on as normal for my little one's sake. Then I got a appointment through for my colposcopy about 10 days later, the doctor at the hospital was lovely and when I told him what my GP had already told me he couldnt believe it as he said he shouldnt of said that to me (I had high grade CGIN) he did my colposcopy and said he couldnt see any cancer but I would need the lletz treatment done under general anaesthetic.  I had this done 2week ago and everything has been fine up to now had no pains or heavy bleeding :) and the doctor from the hospital rang me on Saturday morning to tell me the good news that I didnt have cancer and the lletz looked as if it has been effective :) just got to go back in 3 months time for an assesment.

sorry for the essay just wanted to share my experience with you all :) 


Hey rachylou

That is indeed a positive story!! Good for you girlie! I think the doctors really need to take on board what they tell us ladies - it is frightening enough to hear you have "abnormal" cells, let alone diving straight in saying it is Cancer. My doctor did the same - suspected cancer - told my husband in a phone call. I have had my colposcopy and an MRI and have a pre-op assessment meeting (??) on Friday. They have already spoken about a hysterectomy but I think before that I need a further more in-depth colposcopy?? Between the devil and the deep blue sea at present: don't want too much information as I'm scared but need to know more!!! Take care. xx

Hi Ladies,

Thats great news Rachlou :-) always good to hear of a good story!

My doctors / nurses kept telling me i only had CIN3 right up to my LLETZ, even when i asked if there was a chance the cells could come back cancerous she said it was unlikely but obviously they cant rule anything out, it came back with Stage 1a1 but they are confident the LLETZ removed all the cancerous cells. I have had an MRI & CT scan both came back clear / normal. I do however still have CIN 1 on the outside of my cervix and have an appointment with the surgical team tomorrow. I am hoping that they dont have to do any drastic surgery as my husband and I really want to have children and soon! I hate the waiting game!

snichols - best of luck with your appointment i know a hysterectomy is a scary thing but if it was my only option i would take it.

Trudy x