A positive post

Hi all, 


Just wanted to post a positive colposcopy and outcome story for anyone who might be waiting on results in already very uncertain and worrying times.


So I had my smear back in February just before the pandemic struck. My results didn’t come back until April and showed HPV+ with mild changes. I was really worried, I have health anxiety and was told my colposcopy would be postponed during the pandemic. 


Three weeks ago the hospital rang and said they were starting routine appointments up again and they could fit me in the next day if I could attend, which I did. 


At the colposcopy the doctor said he could see the abnormal area, it was very localised but it could be a slightly higher grade than mild, but not to worry as it definitely wasn’t cancer. He said results would take up to 6 weeks due to Covid. 


However, today, less than 3 weeks later my results are back. The biopsy said they are only mild changes but the doctor will get me back in for a repeat colposcopy in 6 months just because he felt (from a visual examination) it was possible they were a little higher than mild. I already have my appointment for 6 months time. 


So I guess if you’re waiting on results in all likelihood if you’ve been told it’s not cancer than it’s most very likely not and you will be Ok. Plus things are really speeding up now it seems so you may not even have a long wait. 

I had my leep done a few days ago and the Dr came up to me and said that I didn't have cancer. The nurse came up to me after it was done and said the Dr said I don't have cancer. I really hope its true.