A Positive Outcome


I wanted to share a positive story with you all as sometimes when your feeling worried and low hearing positive outcomes help.

In April this year I had a colp which showed CIN1 and HR HPV Type 16 plus other types.  6 months later on 7th October I had a smear and Colp, consultant said everything looked very mild but did a biospy to be on the safe side.  Results arrived yesterday and my smear test shows now abnormal cells, colp shows no CIN of any kind, and to top it off no sign of HPV 16 or 18 just some other subtypes.....of course HPV can lay dormat so I will now focus on remaining healthy, taking lots of vitamin c and remaining positive. 

I will be seen again in 1 years time.  Sometimes its nice to hear good news.

I wish you all well in your journeys and stay with the forum, the support is amazing.

Take Care

Gemma xxx

Brilliant news Gemma and thank you for sharing your positive story. I'm a CIN 1 girl too but have to wait another 6 months for my check up but this has made me feel a lot better. Xx

Glad to hear this Gemma - have a fabulous weekend! X