A positive LLETZ story

I wanted to share a positive LLETZ story as I was only able to find really negative experiences online and so was absolutely terrified. Despite me knowing several people who had the procedure who said it was 'no big deal', I chose to listen to strangers online instead which was terrible for my mental health. 

I delayed the treatment for two years because I was so worried but my nurse colposcopist said that after 4 6 monthly check ups, it was evident that I couldn't avoid it any more. 

Two weeks after that phone call, I was in the day surgery unit to have the procedure under a general anasestic due to my anxiety. This meant a slower recovery time but for me it was the right choice.


I woke up suffering only from the anasestic, I was a bit wobbly but in no pain at all. Then I slept for the rest of the day and most of the following day. 

For around a week I had heavy watery discharge with a slight pink or brown tint at times and some mild cramps in my lower back which was unusual for me as my period pains are always in the front. After a few days, there was some black sooty stuff in the discharge which I wasn't told to expect but saw on here that it's quite common. The worst bit for me was that after maybe 5-7 days, there was some fleshy tissue in my discharge which again, after some research I discovered was normal. It was the worst bit for me as I could feel it coming out so I was worried and uncomfortable until I found the info online. 

After 10 days I had my period, it was a little more painful and heavy than usual but that was to be expected. Since my period ended, I've had no discharge or further bleeding.


I'm 3 weeks post treatment now and feel completely back to normal, I have resumed exercise (avoiding HIIT until the 6 week mark), I have had a bath but I have not yet tried to have sex and will wait a further 3 weeks at least to be sure. 

I am so relieved that I've dealt with this now. Whilst I am anxious for my results, I am excited to be able to put this behind me and I'm so grateful to my lovely nurse. 

It's nice to see positives! I had mine on Wednesday so early days still, so far, my main grievance is back ache and cramping then I'm not able to sit at my desk for working! My waist line won't thank me but I've used the opportunity to do some baking and cooking!