A positive experience with Colopscopy and LLETZ

I just wanted to detail my experiences with my recent Colopscopy and LLetz treatment.  When I got "the" letter through, saying I had severe abnormal changes from my latest smear I went into  a freefall panic!  I googled and googled and googled until my mind was spinning and I was convinced of the worst!

Anyway, I had my Colopscopy and LLetz treatment Friday and it was absolutely fine! It's not the most dignified way to spend a morning - but it was honestly not much worse than a normal smear test - just longer! I had a lovely Nurse who explained everything that was being done and they even showed me my cervix on the screen (how many people can say they've seen that part of them, lol!).  The local aneasthetic they gave was odd since it made my legs wobbly and my heart race - but they warned me of that and it only lasted 5 minutes or so. I couldn't really feel any pain - just uncomfortable. Afterwards - I've had no bleeding (yet!) - just a bloated feeling in my tummy.

I do have a 4 week wait for the biopsy results - but the actual procedure was fine. They said it was a relatively small area of abnormality and didn't say anything about it looking like a tumourous growth. Fingers crossed that I'm one of the 95% for whom that will now be it - all done!

For those, like me, who panic - just remember.... these abnormalities are not uncommon! A lot of women will have an abnormal smear. The smear test is meant to pick up PRE cancerous changes - and these PRE cancerous cells can then be removed. 95% of women will only need this one treatment for CIN3 and it will be okay again there after. It is only a minority that will need further treatment or who will discover they have developed cervical cancer. EVEN in the worst case scenario - cervical cancer caught early is treatable in a majority of cases.

I hope this can help someone like me feel slightly less fraught with panic!

Hi well done you make it sound so easy hope it goes a well for me my apointment is tomorrow I suffer panic attacks and hadnt had a smear for 13 yrs now I have cin3 and hpv ! I worry about the injection making my heart pound as it pounds enough having panic attacks x

The wait is the worst.. I'm currently waiting on results too but think I'm having some complications with mine as I have bled for 2 weeks now and had the worst discharge I could ever imagine. I'm having to wash and change a couple of times a day.. Surely this isn't normal procedure? xx wish u both all the best xx