A positive colposcopy & LLETZ experience


I recently had a colposcopy with multiple biopsies taken followed by LLETZ treatment a month later and wanted to share my experience as it has been really positive.

My most recent smear test showed severe high grade dyskaryosis. I’m 34 and have only ever had normal smear results. I was booked in for a colposcopy just a few days after receiving the results. I’m needle phobic, very squeamish and haven’t had any type of procedure before so was terrified. The doctor and assistant were great and explained what would happen during the colposcopy. As always the speculum is a little uncomfortable but the doctor immediately put my mind at rest by telling me that my cervix looked healthy. She applied the iodine and silver nitrate and showed me the areas on the TV screen that were abnormal. I looked away while she took the biopsies, I think it was 4-5, and didn’t feel any pain at all. She then applied some more solution which I believe was to stop bleeding. At this stage I felt a tiny bit of stinging but no pain as such. The doctor explained that the biopsies would be sent off for analysis and that it it was graded as CIN2 or above I’d need to go back for the LLETZ treatment.

The doctor called me less than two weeks after the colposcopy to let me know that the biopsies had come back as CIN2, so downgraded from severe/high grade/CIN3, and that I’d need LLETZ. They offered me an appointment the following week but couldn’t make it so took an appointment 3 weeks later.

The LLETZ treatment was carried out this morning and once I again I was terrified, even more so this time as I knew I’d be having needles in my cervix. The doctor and assistant were brilliant again and asked me how much I wanted to know about what they were doing. I asked them to let me know once the various stages were complete and said I’d rather chat about the weekend. The doctor used a slightly larger speculum this time to get a clearer view of my cervix which was uncomfortable but certainly not painful. She let me know that she was going to clean the area and apply iodine etc. We were chatting away and then she told me that she’d done all of the injections! Around 10 or so and I literally did not feel a thing. They warned me that I might feel shaky and that my heart might race but other than a tiny tremble in my legs I felt totally normal. The doctor used the loop 3 times, I didn’t feel anything at all the first 2 times and on the 3rd go I felt a warm sensation and that was the end of the procedure. Apparently I didn’t bleed during the procedure so it all ended very quickly. I left the hospital and took the train home with my partner and felt fine. During the afternoon I had a bit of cramping but only very mild. I haven’t had any bleeding or discharge yet but from what I’ve read it’s likely that will start in a few days time.

I now wait for a month or so for the next set of results and then all being fine will have to go back in 6 months for another colposcopy and smear.

The whole process has been really positive and I just wanted to share my story so far as I was desperate to read some positive experiences before the colposcopy and LLETZ.

I’ll update this post over the next month to let you know how it’s all going.

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That's a very reassuring post, I'm on a waiting list for a colposcopy after my GP did my smear but wasn't happy with the appearance of the opening of my cervix. Ive not had the smear result back yet. Thanks for sharing your experience, it helps those of us ( myself included!!) that are rather nervous about having a colposcopy let alone anything else !! I'm glad your experience was a positive one ! Wishing you all the best for your results xx



Just to update on my original post - about a week after the LLETZ treatment I had some light bleeding for 6 days. I wore panty liners each day and never needed to use sanitary towels. I then had my period which was heavier than usual but still manageable and the bleeding subsided after that with only the occasional spotting. The bleeding stopped completely arond the 4 week mark but I've been exercising again recently and have had some spotting on heavier exercise days. 

My results came back with clear margins and so I return in 6 months for another check up. 

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