A Poem from my Mum - wanted to share on results day

Hi all, 

results day today and am getting a little nervous.  Am trying to work but my mind is wandering so I'm having a break to come on here and share a little poem which my Mum wrote and gave to me yesterday.  Am absolutely amazed at my Mum as I never realised she was so talented and am so proud and grateful to her for her kind words.  


Mum’s Poem

Our daughter is a Princess,

Our daughter is a wife,

She’s also a mother whose boys are her life.

Now, that life’s  been threatened by the word that we most dread.


The day you told us,  we tried to stay sane,

I couldn’t put a plaster on to make it well again,

And so began the radio, chemo too…

You’ve had to stick in needles

That, I couldn’t do!


You’ve hid your tears,

You’ve hid your fears,

You’re being so brave about that damned word,

Our daughter who’s a Princess…


Its fair to say that this brought more than a couple of tears to my eyes - it will be in my handbacg today at my appointment...

Gorgeous x thinking of u today!  Best of luck!

That's so lovely, my face is leaking. Carry oe being your brave self xx

Oh my goodness Andrea, that has made me cry! Bless you mum! I just came on here to send you a private message to wish you luck for today, but then I've seen this, so thought I'd comment here instead. Good luck! I'm not surprised you're nervous - how could you not be - but it's amazing to think this day is here at last. I will be thinking of you. 

Lots of love and big hugs, 

Annabel. Xx

Wow ..... Gorgeous Hun!!! I too was coming on here to wish you luck & am thinking of you... What time is your appointment ?

Its my appointment with Onc today, to look at when I'm starting treatment .... I must say though that I feel per culinarily excited & want to tackle this ASAP!

Again loads of luck for today.....

Hugs& positive thoughts coming your way x x x

What a Lovely thing to Do

Wishing you lots of luck for today x

Thanks all!!

Samantha - lots of luck and best wishes today! You will feel much better once you know the plan and you can focus.  Look at some of my older posts for really great stuff on self help from the amazing ladies on here too.  My appt is at 3.20 (wish it was earlier?).  How about yours?


Thanks Hun ... I am armed with a list of questions for him... He'll be sick of me ! Lol ... I had wondered about diet/drink/whether to take vitamins what about burns - is there a cream - before or after treatment ??? ... Arggghhhh ! Lol

Im 3.45pm, and yes I wish it was earlier too.... Like you I'm working from home & can't concentrate really ....

x x x

Aww bless - what a pair we are!! Slap on loads of aqueous cream, before during and after!!!.  They gave me a tube at my radio planning session but you can buy a big tub from boots or some of cheaper stores too.  I put weight on during treatment and have a moon face now (although its coming off again). I ate loads of bread (cheese on toast was a favourite!), as my bowel was (and still is) all over the place.  I cut out loads of fibre products as just couldn't cope. I also used to run regularly (no Mo Farrah tho!) so wasn't expending so much energy (still not!).  Everyone is so different so your body will tell you what it wants believe me and I think its important to go with it at the risk of gaining a little weight!  I also ate some really good stuff too though (chicken was my biggest source of protein for healing), loads of green tea and also peppermint and chamomile to help nausea...Try and get on later to let us know the plan and I'll try nd do the same... Sending lots of positivity your way too xxx

Thanks Andrea ... Will do ! I have heard gaining & losing weight so we'll see what my body wants to do! good luck again & I'll be in touch later hun x x x


That's beautiful xx

Lovely. xxx