A little Worried...

Hello everyone,


I had my preliminary results yesterday, i was told that by cervical cancer was analysed and there was no lymph involvement and no further treatment would be needed for cervical cancer :) which is fantastic news. I was however told that my fallopian tube displayed some mini mini cell changes which is a linked to ovarian cancer and they are checking it through. I was also told that should the cell changes in the tissue be pre-cancerous they can't be sure that my ovaries won't have these cancer cells on them either.


I am having another meeting on the 17th April for final results and some clarity of these cell changes; however, i am asking myself whether it would be wise to get my ovaries removed to prevent the 'ticking time bomb' and harvest my eggs? What would anyone else do presented with this situation? I have no children and am 26, I would be able to freeze some eggs for a later date and visit fertility specialists. They also want to test me for a hereditory gene that could make me more at risk of cancer in my breasts and ovaries... this is something i wouldn't want to pass down to my child / children. Any thoughts would be great as I am set on getting them out but maybe i am overracting?!


Thanks xcx