A little help please

Hello everyone.

I have received my Lletz results from 8th December last year. When the letter arrived with NHS stamp I was grateful to finally get my results but then it says the following…

This is what it says…

We have received the results from the LLETZ treatment performed on the 8th December 2022. I apologise this has taken a long time. The LLETZ has been reported as showing mild, moderate and severe abnormality (CIN 1, CIN 2 & CIN 3), in keeping with your cervical biopsy.

We will discuss these results and decide upon your future management at our next specialist colposcopy clinical team meeting on the 24th February 2022. I will write again on the same day as the meeting, to provide you with more information.

Yours sincerely…

Im guessing it might mean more treatment? It doesn’t mention clear margins or lack of them? I don’t really understand?

Anyone else shed any light? I just burst into tears. I have such bad Health Anxiety that I try so hard to keep under control but this doesn’t really tell me much?

Thank you so much if you take the time to answer my question? X

Hi I noticed no one had replied so thought I could help ease your mind a little. My results also went to the MDT meeting and I didn’t require further treatment, it was just so they could discuss whether my future check ups would be at the hospital or the doctors. It was decided that I would be checked at 6 months and 18 months by the hospital as I need to have a smeer that also sweeps inside the canal which they can’t do at the doctors. So I just wanted to let you know that it may just be your future care that they will be discussing. Xx

Thank you so much. I was so disappointed when it was unclear what they were going to do with me.
Did your letter say your margins were clear?

We are fantastic humans doing all we can to look after ourselves x

Hi Jordo,

Yes, this is a letter that tells you quite a lot, but not enough. It does sound as if there is a CHANCE you’ll need further treatment, but it’s going to be discussed first, and it may be that there is simply going to be a management programme going forward. It’s impossible to tell from the letter, but it does say they will write to you again. The most important thing is that it doesn’t say ‘cancer’. Hang on in there, and try to distract yourself from all the ‘what if’ thoughts that cause as so much anxiety. You’ll find on this forum that once people know what they’re dealing with (especially when it is cancer) they are pretty stoic and just get on with it. You can’t do anything else, really - the great thing is that you’re being screened, treated and it can be prevented from getting any worse. Try not to worry too much. Xx

Apologies that I haven’t replied earlier. Have you heard anything yet? Nope, my letter didn’t mention margins at all, but I found out at my 6 month appointment that they had been clear. The letters really are basic and have the opportunity to really scare people!

Your right. The wording is what scared me.
Im having a test of cure in 6 months.
The MDT decided on that course of action.

Thanks for asking x