A little confused!

Hi...I've been on here recently and got some fab advice about my results!

I have a couple of questions and just wondered if anyone can help? I got my results and my consultant said they found a tiny tumour and wants to do a lletz/cone biopsy under GA to 'have a good look around'! He was really helpful but really downplayed it and said it was very small-which is good news!

However, I've been given a Macmillan keyworker and free prescriptions due to cancer treatment....the letter he sent also said it was early stromal invasion....is this standard or is it worse than he made it out to be?

I'm not panicking just concerned...

Any advice would be welcome!!!

Thankyou xx

I'm sorry I can't help with your question but just wanted to send you a hug. I really don't think they can lie to you so if he has said it's very small I would say it is. Perhaps call your cns nurse or consultant and speak to your gp maybe they might be able to give you more information. The fact they want to do another lletz would say it was small but wants to double check that it's all been removed  

But try not to assume things because our mind has a way of getting carried away with itself. 


Hey again :) I spoke to you on your last post and am in a very similar position to you, small amount of cancer found after lletz and having a cone biopsy next week. I'm finding it hard to switch off the thoughts that it is worse than they've made it out to be so i'm seeing my GP on tuesday so she can go through all the medical notes with me so i can see exactly what's been said and have a better understanding of everything. I've also been given a cancer nurse but nobody told me about free prescriptions :(, turns out i could have got my antibiotics for my infection after lletz free, never mind! If you've got a bit of a wait before the next bit maybe see if you can have an informal chat with you GP like i am. All the best xxx

Hi Kirsty,

As far as I can tell, you get various things (like a Macmillan keyworker) simply because you have a cancer diagnosis, it doesn't mean to say it's a serious cancer diagnosis, it's just cancer. They aren't going to 'play it down'. Cancer is a scary concept no matter how tiny the invasion and it would be really difficult to arrange it so that 'serious' cases got support and smaller cases didn't. Try not to frighten yourself.

Be lucky :-)

Thankyou all!!! I've been so up and down...it's nice to hear from people who in similar situations!

I can't tell you how fab it's been to hear from you all....

Thankyou xxxx