A little bit scared again

My other half is really, really supportive but just need to talk to people in the same boat. So In the last year and three months I have had two lletz procedures and just had my third biopsy for CIN3. The results came through today for the third, a bit vague, "confirmed presence of abnormal cells. Treatment required, a letter will be sent in due course." As it turns out the "letter in due course" turned up (today) the same day! My third lletz is scheduled for new years eve. As far as I am aware I have not been tested for HPV - do you have to ask to be tested?

I just feel so down about it all now, I have been fairly ok until my third severely abnormal smear. Any replies will be very gratefully received.


Fingers crossed for you it will all be sorted this time round, I kind of know how you feel being on this merry go round. My next follow up is in January and praying things come back clear this time as I dont have enough cervix left to treat so would be the 'big op' :(  I'm not sure about the hpv test think it depends on the area where you live, by me any abnormal smear results are tested for hpv.

Fingers crossed you get it all this time, sucks to be having treatment on NYE!!

Hi and thank you for your comment. Also thanks for your best wishes I do really hope this is the last time I feel like I am on a merry go round a never ending waiting game! Oh I really hope everything is ok for you in Jan, its such a worry isn't it? Hope you dont mind me asking but what is a top hat? Best of luck and keep in touch x