A happy post for all the ladies!!

Hello all my lovely ladies!!

I just wanted to say how inspired I am by all you ladies stories and how strong soooo many of you are!! This only gives other ladies going through the same thing, so much hope! I have been emotional to say the least reading some of your posts, but knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel puts a more positive side to it! :)

Were all strong women and no matter what life throws at us, we will get through it because that's what we do! Hope and strength will get us through all the hard times that we may come across in life! This site has offered so much support to women it's inspiring, just knowing there are lovely caring women out there offering their support to other women! I am so glad I joined this site and although I haven't gone through half of what some of you ladies have, I just wanted to share my thoughts on how much hope you have given to not only me, but hundreds of other women too! 

You all deserve the best in life.

This really does give a whole new outlook on life and it makes you realise just how strong you really are! 

Big hugs to all you ladies!!! You are an inspiration. xxxxx

aww thats lovly dani have you got your biopsis bk yet xx

I'm not sure yet hunni, I've been away but I'm back tomorrow so hoping my results are at home! I'll update as soon as I get them :) did you get yours? Xxx