A follow up appt but no results????

After an abnormal smear (severe changes) I was sent for the colposcopy which was about 3 weeks ago. They took 2 biopsies and told me that I'd get the results in 2 weeks but that I would also need the Lletz treatment so this appointment would come with the results. The last weeks have been awful I received the letter yesterday. I anxiously opened it, thinking that i least id know either way however instead of results I have just been given a date for another appointment with the consultant (26th) but with no explanation as to what it's for. Is it for the Lletz?  Or to give me the results in person? are they so bad that they dont want to tell me in a letter? I am now more scared than I was about the results :(


Is it a bad sign? Has anyone else had to wait like this? I'm really panicking and cant believe I have even longer to wait now :(



i know its hard but try not to worry its the waiting thats the worst xxxx

i know its hard but try not to worry its the waiting thats the worst xxxx

i know its hard but try not to worry its the waiting thats the worst xxxx

Hey Katey.

Sorry youre going through all this. I havent received my results yet so its difficult for me to say. But I think the best thing you can do, is to phone them tomorrow first thing and ask what the appointment is for. I had my Lletz done by a consultant so it is possible that is what your appointment is for. But the only way to know for sure is to ask them.

I know all this waiting and not knowing is a nightmare. It has turned me into a complete mess. But you will get through it. And everyone on here are so helpful, understanding and brave that you are never alone.

Lulu xx

Thanks both of you :)


I'm  just terrified because I've read lots of stories on here and everyone else seems to have heard their results by post. I think your right Lulu, I'll give them a call in the morning. How was your Lletz? Do you think it's best to take a full day off work for it? If that's what I need..........

I think this site is brilliant support, and I've learnt so much from reading others posts. Good luck with your results too :) 

My Lletz was fine. I watched the whole thing, except when they put the local anaesthetic in. It helps if you can stay as relaxed as possible (easier said than done!), but I had my best friend with me and we talked absolute rubbish the whole way through!! It was uncomfortable when they put anaesthetic in but otherwise was not painful, and all over in next to no time really. I would take the day off to relax afterwards. I spent my evening with a hot water bottle and a glass of wine and chocolate! I had period type pains, but they were manaeable with ibuprofen and paracetamol. Id also recommend taking paracetamol and ibuprofen half hour before your Lletz so its in your system. You will be just fine. Do you have someone to go with you?


Hot water bottle, wine and chocolate sounds like the perfect combination :D I notice your a staff nurse too? I work on a busy ward where we rarely get breaks so prob not the best idea when you have period type pains....... Think I'll organise to take the day off, thank you. I have a few close friends too that have been great so one of them will come with me, I'm lucky to have them. 


How long do you have to wait for your results? Thanks for all your advice, it helps sooo much talking to people doesn't it?


Going back to busy ward is never fun, especially when you've had something so personal go on. I was on annual leave luckily. I work on a macmillan cancer ward, so am getting a new found appreciation for my patients when they are waiting for results. 

I am very lucky to have the friends and family I have. Hard times always show you who you can rely on.

Ive been told 6 weeks for my results. 6 WEEKS!!!! I couldnt quite believe that. I think I may go insane! But no news is good news right? xx



God.... Thats a really longtime :( although surely the longer the results take to come back the better as they'd rush if there was anything wrong or urgent? . I find that some days I feel ok and have the 'nothing I can do about it, so may as well not worry about it' attitude, then other days I find myself panicking and googling (which is a vicious circle) but I think from now on, I will just look at this site and avoid the horror stories. 

My ward is a neuro ward, and I agree, I can definitely now relate to patients waiting for results! 




I know it's difficult not to, but please try not to worry. I had a similar letter following my colposcopy. They wrote to me telling me that I needed to come in for treatment, but didnt say what they'd found. It was only when I asked the doctor why my results weren't in the letter that she told me they'd found CIN II & hpv Which was why I needed the LLETZ procedure. The procedure itself wasn't too bad. I felt a bit of discomfort like period pains for a couple of days after & safely quite drained, but I got an infection about a week after the procedure so that could be why. I hope all goes well for you. x

Thank you. I'm feeling a little relieved as I received another letter today telling me that I needed the lletz but the biopsy results were nothing to worry about. Panic over (well almost) I'm still anxious about the Lletz, but Im just glad that I know now what to expect at my next appointment. I think it's bad that I got the other letter first though. By reading stories and talking to people on here, it's definitely helping me believe I can face all this whatever the outcome :) 



Hi Katey.

Thats good news you now know what is happening and can hopefully relax a little about it. Its not good that you got the other letter first- definitely not helpful. But biopsy results with no concerns is very positive!

Have you managed to get the day off for you rLletz? xx

Hi, sorry not been on for a few days. Eventually managed to get the day off, but you'd think I'd been asking for miracle. Anyway only 2 more days to wait :s. Do you have your results yet? :)


Glad you got the day off! No results yet- had a scary moment on friday though. My mum text and said some post had arrived from the hospital and it was CC: Cytology. As I was told 6 weeks for results and that was only 2 I immediately thought the worst and started shaking whilst I phoned her to open the letter. Turns out it was a letter dated 12/03/13 (took 10 days to get to me!) just explaining what they'd done!!

Took me a few minutes to regain my composure- but work have been fantastic. My boss has offered to speak to the lab and speed things up if she can which is lovely. And I have a number to phone today to try chase things up. For my sanity I just need to know.

How are you feeling about the Lletz? xxx

Oh god, that heart stopping moment when the letter comes is awful. That's great that work are being so supportive. Iv not really told my work why I needed the day off (just said a docs appt) but if I need anymore time off I'll have to tell them.


I'm feeling ok about the Lletz at the moment but I'll prob be terrified again tomorrow on the way there :s I'm well stocked up with paracetamol and ibuprofen tho. Iv got Wednesday off too, then a critical care exam Thursday and long day Friday so hope I'm feeling ok for all that :s 


i'll give an update tomorrow. Do you think I need to ask what grading I am?


So I had the Lletz today, and it was no where near as bad as I thought! The clinic was running way behind, and it was over an hour after my appointment time before I was seen. I went from arriving terrified to just wishing they'd hurry up and get it over with so probably quite a good psychological test. Anyway.... I went in and nearly fainted with fear when the consultant said I needed 5 injections of local to do the op but in actual fact I hardly felt the first and it obviously worked cus I didn't feel the other 4 at all. Probably the worst bit was them setting up and trying to get the speculum in so they could get a good look. apparently my cervix don't like to be looked at..... close second to that was my hearts palpitations and the shaking (a common side effect of the anaesthetic apparently) but I felt fine straight after.


They said I won't get results unless they need me in for further treatment so fingers crossed I won't hear from them till my 6 month checkup. I just hope they managed to remove it all..... They took a big enough chunk away :s I still probably won't be able to fully relax for the next few weeks but after that hopefully I'll be able to chill out for frew months :)



Hey Katey,

Glad to hear it went OK- the first local injection was the worst for me too but then its all done pretty quickly isnt it? How are you feeling today? Im hoping you dont hear for the next 6 months too- and that your check up will be fine. 

Im still waiting for my results- apparently they are on the system but need authorising by path lab and then a dr should be calling me with the results! I have been pestering them, but just need to know so I can enjoy the easter weekend. Im certain the woman I call must dread it when I call every day! 

Hope you're feeling well anyway and good luck for your exam on Thursday xx