a few questions

hi ladies! couple of questions here, my LLETZ was on 20th july, i had an infection, was treated my discharge has since stopped, im still a bit sore, still getting period type cramps but nothing that i need painkillers for, should i see about this or am i ok to start getting intimate with my man again? also, i still feel lethargic and light headed, i was told i didnt need a trasfusion after the blood i lost but my discharge letter only states what they took out of me in the exam room, not what i lost at home or in a+e, should i also see about this, my other half bought me some iron supplements from tesco, dont know if these will work, have any of you ladies suffered any of this for this long? 

Hey, I'd maybe do back to the docs if I were you. I was only really tired for the first week after my lletz and I did have a headache for a day or 2 but that's it. You might not have fully cleared the infection and need another course of antibiotics. Or like you say you might be a bit anemic. I'd go back to the docs though as it's all just guessing! Xx