A different lletz result??

Hi lovely ladies!
Well today is a very good day in that I have received my loop procedure results after a very very log six weeks (to the day !!!)
It confirmed removal of CIN 1 and follow up smear in 6months. One hundred percent celebrations etc!!!
But I am baffled. I had two punch biopsies taken that came back as CIN 1/2 . However, the lletz results shows only CIN 1???
How can this be? I know we aren’t all doctors but didn’t know if anyone had any experience of this themselves? I know cells can revert back to normal but I didn’t think they could by the time they had got to CIN 2- and also in the space of 3 weeks (from punch biopsies to lletz app)

So wierd. I’m a worrier and I’m trying to celebrate and feel so relieved and happy but in my head I am worrying that they’ve missed the CIN 2???

8th June - moderate dysk smear result
24th June 16- colposcopy and 2x punch biopsies taken
13th July 16- punch biopsies state CIN 1/2
9th Aug 16- lletz procedure
20th September 16- clear margin removal of CIN 1 - follow up smear 6 months !!

Hi zoeelaina

first I would like to say I am not a dr but my guess is that the first pathologist read your punch biopsy and cautioned on the safe side and classified them as CIN1/2. Where as the second pathologist who read the lletz sample which was bigger then the punch biopsy was able to clearly say that it was indeed only CIN 1. 

Many dr. Hate the CIN rating system as there is much debate over when the cells progress from 2 to 3. In fact a lot of places are now classifying as high grade or low grade because of this. Also, take note that punch biopsys tend to be a Bit more careful on rating because if they are conservative and rate lower they could be jeopardizing someone's life. With a lletz Sample there is more tissue to get a better/more accurate reading of the cells. 

Hope this helps you. 

All the best