A comforting thought for the weekend

To all the women who are waiting for a colposcopy or results, my appointment letter came through the post today. Enclosed, a little note asking me to phone them if I cannot make it, informing me that last year, in London alone, 10,208 women did not attend their colposcopy.

As worrying as this is, it is reassuring for us, WE are going, WE are doing something about those cells, WE are being smart and sensible.

When we think that "only" around 3,000 women get CC each year and over 10,000 don't even bother getting changes checked out, the odds must be in our favour, no?

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend 

Hi Alizee

Great post. I must say I was stunned when I went for my colposcopy that there were 2 'no shows' that day. Firstly it is really ill advised to not attend a screening test that the medical professionals feel you really need, and secondly, thinking of all the worried women who really want to come in sooner but just can't be slotted in!

Have a great weekend


It IS shocking, BUT I wonder if some of those women just can't face the anxiety of it all?  I feel very lucky that I found Jo's Trust and that I have people in my life who have supported me.  I think sometimes you just can't face it on your own.


Hi Libby,

Totally agree that it is very scary and most of us do not want to go at all. I just think if you are not going to go through with an appointment, it is best that we let them know so the space can be offered to someone else. There is a 4 week wait for urgent appointments and 12-16 for routine in my area. No shows undoubtedly create delays for us all.

Good luck with your smear on Monday, already dreading mine and it is 6 months away!



Totally agree!  It's something I'm quite interested in (I'm studying Psychology at the moment...) - this process is so scary, and that's probably contributing to no shows and all the anxiety that you see on this page.  It seems like the government spend quite a lot of energy trying to make it less scary and increase people's uptake of these services, but it doesn't work.  I've been wondering why this is so much worse than, say, being 60 and sending off your poo sample, which both of my parents did with much laughter and little worry.  I'm wondering if maybe it's because it's such an intimate place, or because we can't see it?

But yes, no shows are definitely not good.

Thanks so much for the good wishes! x