A celebration of Life

The evening began with champagne and meeting up with the girls and Pamela. The room was beautiful - all swathes of white fabric and lilies that perfumed the air. Lots of pengiuns (aka HABs - husbands and boyfriends).

There was a girls choir that sang from a mezzine floor - they looked and sounded like angels and we all got weepy. Gabby Logan was there as she was hosting. Her HAB Kenny was also there and I nearly exploded with excitement as I am a huge strictly fan.

We were called in to dinner and served amazing food and lots and lots of wine. As we ate we were entertained by two girls in sequinned body suits, suspended from the ceiling by what looked like some ribbon and a couple of hoops. The HABs’ collective eyes were popping.

Dinner was followed by cocktails and a rowdy auction and a lovely speech from Pamela that got us weepy again and talked about how Jo’s was set up and how it’s changed and helped so many women and the success with the vaccine.

Everything started to get hazy at this point (I blame the cocktails). I seem to remember Rowetta from the X factor singing and Elaine tackling Kenny Logan and dragging him onto the dance floor. We followed to make sure she behaved, but he held his own and was literally sweeping her off her feet. I told him that I’d voted for him and was rewarded with a kiss :slight_smile:

Lots more dancing and I had a lovely chat with Gabby who is very sweet and genuinely gutted about not being in Strictly any more.

The evening was ended by more speeches and a tribute to the women of Jo’s - represented by us! Elaine dragged Pamela onto stage and we all thanked her. It was a wonderful evening.

Thank you again Pamela - we had a lovely time and while there were sad memories we really did feel so happy to be alive. And to my girls - thank you for being such fun and making me laugh so much. I love you all.

Z xxx

Awwwwwwww sounds fabulous!!!

Hope you have lots of pics for us to see!

Paula xx

Oh my god,

what a beautiful night… I so so so wish that everyone could have been there to share the emotion and the laughter. I will bring piccies to Lets Meet, although I have just checked some of them and they are a bit blurred. (defo too many cocktails I think)

Mr Logan did sweep me off my feet (poor bu**er - I hope he doesnt have to pull out of Saturdays Strictly because he did his back in). Have to say they were a lovely couple and we had a lovely evening.

Kaz, her hubby Barney, Ray (my better half) and myself ended the night with a taxi to piccadilly where we met Bryan Mcfadden sneaking a quick cigarette break outside a nightclub, so Kaz and I pounced to get our piccie taken (poor bloke didnt know what had hit him) with him…

Thanks Pamela and Jos Trust, it was amazing to see how far Jos has come in such a short space of time. I am proud to be involved with such an amazing group of people…

See you all in London

Hi all, this is Barney kazs husband just wanted to say that it was nice to meet you all we had a fab night and enjoyed your company.

Will you give my regards to the lads and i hope we can get together again soon x

Hi me now thanks all of you for a fab night,the best bit was meeting you all cant belive we all got on so well felt like i had known you all a lifetime.

Oh one thing Elaine im sure it was you that jumped Brian Mcfadden i pretended i didnt know who he was remember ha ha.

Can you e-mail me the picy to show my daughter please.
Thanks to Pamela and David for everything thousands of pounds was raised for jos hip hip horay.

Love to you all at this very sad time kaz n other half xxxxxxxx :wink:

sounds fantastic well done to all who went x

Hi all

a fabbo time was had indeed - Paul and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was a true celebration of life!

c u all at lets meet x

Mellissa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx