A bit worried

Hello all,

It’s been a while since I posted. However I had treatment Nov 14 for CIN3 (Lletz confirmed CIN3 clear margins). 6 month follow up, CIN3 AGAIN! Further Lletz treatment. I went last Tuesday again for my Colposcopy follow up, and the Doctor said she was going to do something ‘different’ this time, and preformed a endocervical cytobrush sample.

Now unfortunately my brain doesn’t function, or connect to my mouth while at the Colcoscopy clinic, so I didn’t think to ask any question, but I’m full of them now!!

It’s it possible that I’ve had two confirmed CIN3 only 6 months apart due to issues in my endocervical canal? Why only now has this been tested? How long does it take for results to come back on average? Would they have already got back to me, if CC was present?

As I’m sure the majority of you have felt, I’m a bit stressed, and over thinking things. However if anybody has been through something similar, I’d love to hear your experiences.

Thank you xx

Hello..................... is anybody there?



Can anyone offer any advise please???



Hi hun,

I'm sorry no-one has got back to you that's in a similar situation. Unfortunately the questions you're asking are very specific and only a dr can really answer them which is probably why no-one has been able to help. I would recommend you ring your gp and make an appointment to go through all these questions and pit your mind at ease.

In terms of results coming back it varies from place to place. When I was diagnosed last year all my results came back within two weeks. I've just had a followup colposcopy and won't be getting results for 4 weeks. If you ring the hospital they should he able to advise you how long the wait is in your area.

Keep us updated,

All the best,

Jo x