A bit worried!

Hi Everyone! I’ve been to the forum a few  times to have a read and now feel comfy posting... hopefully i’ll Get some answers. 7 years ago I had abnormal cells and was under the colposcopy drs for a couple of years, they were monitoring. Then I didn’t turn up at an appt and was signed off... 2016 (heavy periods, pains on right side)  ended up in hospital for 15 days and had ovary and Fallopian tube removed- not cancer related (?) . 2017 all fine, then middle of 2018 intermenstrual bleeding, post coital bleeding and heavy periods again... back to drs, swabs for sti’s And a smear (normal come back in a year?) ... all apparently fine so sent for a scan in Dec, have 3 fibroids, lady suggests an mri, back to dr who sends me for an MRI in March 2019, intermenstrual bleeding continuing and bleeding after sex, now I have a leg pain,  a dull aching behind my knee? And sometimes a sharp pain in lower abdomen. So back to dr last tues, who looked at my cervix and said she could see erosions, blood and discharge, and said she would swab me again for sti’s even though she’s sure it’s not that!! she’s now sending me to rapid access clinic on Tuesday- colposcopy dept. I’m obviously slightly worried as I have horrible memories of that place! I don’t want to sound pathetic as I know there are a lot of you beautiful women who have gone through or are going through much worse. Every time I google any of these symptoms that word keeps coming up... any advice would be greatly appreciated please. X