a bit scarred

Hi I've only just turned 25 had my smear test a few weeks ago and got my results back with a high grade dyskaryosis I need to go for a colposcopy really worried as I don't no what cin mine is all the letter says is high grade don't really no what to make of this I have the colposcopy on the 17th any advice would be much appreciated. 

Hi mine only said high grade too but I got told by lovely ladies on here it means cin3

hope that helps x

Hello, i had the same high grade result as you last year after years of clear smears (im 42) so had a colposcopy. Its not the most comfortable thing in the world but not too bad. Ive found the nurses to be very caring and proffesional and ready to listen to your fears whether thats on the phone before the colposcopy or at the appointment itself. I went on to have lletz and a repeat smear 6 months later which has shown up the high grade cells again. Yesterday i had another Colposcopy, again i couldnt have had better care (different hospital this time) and am now in for a lletz again on the 28th april. Ive found they are very willing to answer any questions you might have so maybe give them a ring and ask what you want to know. The colposcopy is over very quickly and apart from some slight stinging afterwards yesterday i wouldnt know i'd had anything done today. Good luck, Heidi

Thanks for the replys I also have children too dose this increase the chance of it being cancer i'm going to phone the hospital tomorrow and ask them if it will be cin3 my nan had cervical cancer at my age too just worried and the appointment is so far a way 3 weeks is too long.

Hi Daniem89, I'm 24 and had the same results at the start of the year.  Those 3 weeks feel like way too long, but if you try and concentrate on other things, it will go faster.  Once the colposcopy is done, you mind really does relax, trust me.  Just remember that it's better to know about it than to not know!  Best wishes.

Hiya CC cannot be passed from generstion to generation like BC for example :)


high grade is CIN3, at the colposcopy it's like another smear the bed though is a whole lot more comfy! 

Theyll put the speculum in and then have a look they'll put some dye on to highlight the bad cells and go from there if the consultant thinks he can do the treatment 

there and then they'll give you a local and take some biopsy's and do treatment most commonly it's Lletz, I can't speak from experience on this as I'm getting mine under GA next week

i had biopsies taking though and it wasn't painful it was uncomfortable but it was literally over within seconds

i would advice to take along a friend partner etc as I was really shaky after I had mine done.


good luck xx



I had an abmnormal smear and referred to colposcopy, I am 26. no-one in my family has had CC before so this was really new. I have been assured by specialists that this is not hereditory and sadly it is really common these days to have CIN 1,2 or 3 and the treatment is really straight forward. I wasn't put under GA i was awake when they did my LLETZ and it was over within seconds, the worst bit is the tiny scratch injections and after that you really do feel nothing!!!!

Nurses are great and i even got a couple of custard creams. Do take someone with you because I was a little teary and shakey - my boyfriend didn't expect it haha.

All the best, you are now in the system so whatever happens you will be well looked after :)


I know someone said high grafe meant CIN3 for them, but mine was high and it was only CIN2, so I don't know what the margins are for them.