a bit scared


im new to this it was my sister that told me this site,has,helped her with that she is going thru so i thought i would give it ago.

well im 23 and ive had a baby shes 9months now.. But ive been bleeding loadz having really heavy periods and alot of pain in my pelvis. I went to the Doctors and she is concernd about this 

so im going to hospital on wed for more test done.. I read up on cervical cancer and im really scared that its bad news...

i just hate the feeling that im alone im no im noy but still..  Im feeling depressed 

Thank you

Then you have come to the right place for a little late night ranting!

There will be people on here able to help you who have had similar problems, I am afraid I have not. What I can say is that with all the reading I have done the last week, I have found out there are so so so many different reasons for bleeding, cc is only one and then cc does not necessarliy mean bleeding. When was the last time you had a smear? Do you have any other discharge? Smell? Could you have an infection? Something called "erosion" seems to be more common than cc for bleeding.

At least you are in on Wednesday, this is a quick response so you will soon, hopefully, get some answers. So try not to panic, keep yourself busy and do NOT Google!! Read through past threads on here. F

Fngers crossed for you, Donna x