a bit relieved :)

Hi all,

First - thanks to all for your support during my waiting time. Was very helpful!!

Second - I saw my doctor for my lymph nodes, PET scan showed several, where one, the biggest (23mmx13mm) has a max SUV uptake of 3.0, and others are less than 1 cm. They consider all that as just reactive lymph nodes, following surgery! A bit relieved :slight_smile:

They also saw a small uptake where cervix connects to uterus, (SUV 2) and consider that as the healing process (inflammation is normal part of scarring)

Hope all that will only improve from now though of course Iā€™m asking myself why it takes so long time to heal (7 months after surgery)

Next scan in June :slight_smile:

Yay, great news xxx

Glad the worry is over :-D

Be lucky :-)