A bit of confusion

Back story back in 2010 I had mildly abnormal test smear test results, they wanted me to be tested more frequently.
Things got on top of me and I didn’t keep them up last one was 2019 and they said the results were fine but they wanted to put me on 1 yearly testing, however due to lockdown I couldn’t make the appointments and when we came out of lockdown I fell pregnant with baby number 4.

Recently I’ve been getting lots of reminder letters and txts from the gp to book one in, I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve had a baby or just over due.

Before I feel pregnant I would get some spotting before my period began and now baby is here and coming upto a year I’ve started getting the spotting again 6 days before my period begins it’s becoming an issue now.

My question is why am I on yearly testing is it because of the abnormal cells all those years ago or have they found hpv? Would they tell me if they have or just monitor it?

I will make the appointment especially now I’m spotting before my periods i hate being in pads two weeks every month. I just feel the way they are sending me the letters they are desperately trying to get me in which is making me think there’s more to it.
Thank you :blush: