A bit confused now!?


i have just come back from my colposcopy and was told that my cervix looked healthy and normal (yay!) and that she could see a teeny tiny patch further up the canal so took a biopsy but was confident it would come back normal or CIN1 at the most.

what she said next then confused me as she said I could go to every 3 years for a smear even though I have HPV too. Although I am happy about this I am also concerned as I thought I had to have 3 normal smears before I could go to every 3 years and I am worried the cells could still progress as I have HPV still.

does anyone have any experience of this?

thank you x

Jan 13 - borderline with HPV

Feb 13 - colposcopy - no treatment

Feb 14 - mild dyskaryosis with HPV

Mar 14 - colposcopy - CIN1 with HPV

Feb 15 - mild dyskaryosis with HPV

17 Mar 15 - colposcopy and biopsy taken - awaiting resultsĀ 

It's recommended here at least that we have them at least once a year. This is confusing. I wouldn't worry about it until there's something to worry about. When your results get in, I'd ask for some clarification.