A bit clueless- any advice?

Hi, I recently had a smear test & two weeks later I got a phone call from my doctor saying that my cervix was inflamed but there was no infections. I also suffer from a rare condition called lichen sclerosis (although this isn't connected with the cervix). Anyway, I've now got a letter saying that the Colposcopist has asked me to make an *urgent* appointment.

So I rang & the appointment I've got is five weeks away. Of course with these things its all very sketchy. I'm wondering why my letter was urgent, & why this has even came about as I've only had one 'partner' as has my partner so I feel a little bit confused from online info that I've ended up with an inflamed cervix & in Urgent need for a hospital examination. It seems all very sketchy & I don't really know how to even explain what Im going to the hospital for...as I dont know why myself....urgent colposcopy? inflamed cervix? no viruses? yet long wait for an urgent appointment?

Does any one have any advice/idea why my case could have been marked as urgent etc?
Any info is much appreciated. thanks :)