9 years of colposcopies


I’m new here. I know no-one can give me any answers but I’m mildly worried and found this forum.

Im 43, I’ve been having colposcopies now for 9 years following an HPV result. I have a colposcopy every year and at one point had a couple at the 6 month mark. I am always told there are changes, they always take a biopsy, it always comes back CIN1 and they ask me back in a year, all fine, very grateful they are so vigilant.

I went for my most recent one last week having missed one in 2022.

The consultant said they didnt need to take a biopsy, gave me a smear, there was slight bleeding at the time but said nothing to worry about, gave me a copy of the picture from the colposcopy for my records and sent me on my merry way.

Monday morning I receive a call directly from the consultant on his mobile telling me that on further consideration he’s not happy with the fact I bled and having looked more closely he’d like to get me in as soon as he’s next availabile so next weds to take a biopsy and have another look.

I’ve booked in the appointment, this is all NHS so the speed at which its been arranged, whilst amazing, has given me cause for concern and now I’m really worried.

Like I said I know no-one can actually do anything, I know I just have to wait, but just wanted to see if anyone else had had anything similar.

Thanks for reading me!

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Hi there, I can’t say I’ve had it similar as I’ve just had my first abnormal pap smear and colposcopy and the results were CIN 3 right off the bat. It’s good that they’re getting right on it this time, it’s surprising that they’ve just watched it for so long. Some doctors do it that way, mostly from what I’ve read on here if even CIN 1 goes on for more than a couple of years they usually do a leetz. I know it’s stressful and worrying but I would find a bit of comfort in the fact that they’re taking the time to check things out further and not just brushing it off. Hang in there :slight_smile:

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Thank so much for your reply, wishing you well with your treatment, yeah it just seems all so odd, I’m being seen today so hopefully will know more soon🤞🏻

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@Jess79 hope you are doing ok? How did your appt go? X