9 Month Post Op Check - Freaking out

Hi ladies,

It has been a while since I logged on but I regularly have a look at what is going on with all you brave ladies.

I had my radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal - ovaries left - last May after 1a1 had been found by the Lletz.  The results came back clear and proved that the cancerous cells had indeed been caught by the Lletz treatment that I had had the month before.  Anyway, I have since been on 3 monthly checks and all has been great.

I went for my 9 month check today and was hoping that I would be in and out - wrong!  The surgeon who did the op last year examined me and said that he could see a raw bit where he had stitched me up last year and that he wanted to take a biopsy in the Colposcopy clinic which he might as well do whilst I was there.  I started freaking out then.  Anyway went and had the colposcopy and when the surgeon was able to get a better look he asked for the pollip tweezers.  He simply pulled the offending piece of flesh off - job done. (Sorry if too much info)  He then said that he thought it was granulation tissue but wanted to send it off to pathology to check just to be sure.   I am currently going mad now worrying that it is not granulation tissue and the cancer is back.  My questions are can the surgeon pretty much actually tell by looking that it is granulation tissue?  Has anyone else had this? Can it come back??  Any help from you ladies would be appreciated. It is going to be a long 10 days.



9 Month Check

I don't know how, but these dr's seem to know.  I guess they see so many, and experience tells them what is what.  My daughter and I have both had cancer and I have just learnt to try to believe them,  If he says he thinks it is granulation, then try to believe that he knows what he is talking about.  He wouldn't be foinf his job properly if he didn;t send it off to check.

As we all know, waiting for results is the worse part, but we have to try to trust our dr's.

In the meantime, hugs.

Huge hugs sweetheart,

I so know what it's like when they find something they would like to have investigated a little further, it's a real heart-in-the-mouth job isn't it. April is absolutely correct, he wouldn't be doing his job properly if he didn't have it checked out, but by far and away the majority of the things they check out turn out to be nothing sinister. An unfortunate knock-on effect of having had cancer is that you are now living your life under a microscope and anything and everything will be scrutinised. In the last three years I have had a bad bladder day, a bad liver day and a bad blood-sugar day. All of them terrifying and all of them came to nought.

Be lucky


Thank you for your kind words.  I am trying to keep it in my head that he would not have even said it could be granulation tissue if he was unsure at all.  He also changed my appointments from 3 month intervals to 6 months - hoping that is another sign he is not worried.  Fingers crossed - will let you all know when I hear something. xx


I had granulation and yes, they do know what it looks like but as April and Tivoli have said, he wouldn't be doing his job if he didnt send it off to be checked.  I'm sure he wouldnt have said that if he didnt think that was the case and I would certainly take it as a very positive sign that your appointments have been changed from 3 months to 6 months - they only do that when all is looking good.

Good luck with the results.



Hi there, I too had granulation tissue (twice in fact!) and had to have it taken off and sent away to be tested anyway. In my experience, my surgeon said the same thing as yours has.  Keep smiling xxx