9 month check up tomorrow


Check up tomorrow and I've really started to wind myself up after reading some of the ladies stories on here. I'm still not feeling myself, on anti depressants and suffer from on and off back pain. It's the back pain I'm worried about, around my kidneys. Was so bad few weeks ago I went to gp and was given antibiotics for water infection but still get pain. 

Had a slight show of blood after sex other night which worried me as not had before and have regular sex.

Doesn't help that last time I went, dr told me results of smear audit shown they missed abnormal cells on my 2009 smear, so had been growing for a while....

I dunno. These worries never go away, do they ladies?? 

Fingers crossed for tomorro, although I know dr will be running late, will give me quick internal and abdominal feel and that will be it. My hospital doesnt do MRI or vault smears... maybe I should push for it???

Thanks for reading xxx


Hi there...

You are ahead of me in the treatments etc... but I wanted to wish you luck tomorrow.

I think its important to go with how you feel and if an mri would help to ease your worries then push for one.   Maybe look into the private options.  

Good luck tomorrow.... 

Hey Dons,

Was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were getting on.

Have you ever been for counselling? I’d definitely recommend it, your CNS should be able to refer you.

My hospital doesn’t do vault smears or MRI’s either, and like you it’s always a worry it’ll be missed. I went to a different hospital for a second opinion 2 weeks ago, they said they wouldn’t do a vault smear either as I had cgin and adeno…apparently this wouldn’t show on a vault smear. They also disregarded my concerns regarding the MRI’s, I’m not happy but not sure where to turn next? I’m still awaiting my smear audit results- I need to chase that.

Overall I’m doing ok, still got my niggles but trying to get those sorted.

Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow, def mention the MRI and vault smears. You might get lucky!!

Jade xxx

Hello Dons

I just had my 'physical'check up yesterday, and I can relate to the doctor running late - I waited a full hour before being seen, then I had all of 15 mins with the doctor.  She was very nice though, I like her personality as she has been treating me throughout my diagnosis and even though she was pushed for time she gave me her full attention for that brief appointment.

I asked about the 'vault' smear but she told me that it would be unreliable as I don't have a cervix & therefore my hospital didn't do them.  I will be having another scan in July.  I guess that different hospitals have different policies on treatments & follow up appointments.  Having a scan is like having a security balnket, even though its always an anxious time waiting for results, it's a big relief when the results are good.

Maybe the doctors will offer you a scan based on your recent symptoms - if not I'd definitely ask for it.

Best wishes


Hi Dons

Just typed out a response but it was rejected for some reason! Wanted to wish you loads of luck for tomorrow, I will be keeping everything crossed for you.

I would suggest that you try and push for a scan as much as possible and emphasise your back pain issue.

Yes, the worries never go away do they - I keep thinking and hoping that it will get better with time.

I am on 4 monthly check ups now, my MRI is due November and I will have a 2nd & final vault smear next April.  Don't know if there will be any further tests after that.

Let us know how you get on, I will be thinking of you.

Love & hugs


Hi Dons

Good to hear from you, sorry to hear you are still having issues.
I had an MRI as a routine year check but I am private through a work scheme, don’t know if that makes a difference?
Personally it lead to 2 months of absolute hell as it falsely diagnosed me with secondary liver cancer! But so did an ultrasound and a ct scan, it took 2 liver biopsies and a pet/ct scan to confirm that the tumours appear to be benign.
Completely relate to your fears, 18 months on and following that I think I am more terrified than ever!

I will now be scanned very regularly and as much as I hate it I guess that means if anything happens it will be picked up early?

I’d push for further tests if you are concerned, even if it’s just for peace of mind.

Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow

Ali x

My first 3 month check up was 6 weeks late and I only saw my nurse. hmmm. Not good enough really is it, especially as I've been called back because of something they found. I think check ups or any hospital visit stir up all kinds of unpleasant feelings. It's a stark reminder of what we gave all gone through. Hope it goes well for you;

Was thinking of you today. Hope it went OK. Big hug x

Hi ladies,

thank you for your messages. After being over an hour late , I got in to see dr who was in a rush BUT I told him about bleed and back problems. 

My granulated scar tissue has caused bleed so he used silver nitrate to sort it. Seemed to take ages with lots of stick applications then forceps??? I kept my eyes closed... Sore down there and belly ache...

he felt my back and front and has booked me in for another scan... So we shall see.

i cried for the first time in months after we left the hospital yesterday, think the anti depressants had stopped me being able to cry!! But I needed a good sob. Feel really really lethargic today so need to get my bum in gear and move!! 

Thank you again for your messages, it does help 

don x

Hi Dons

That's good that you have a scan arranged now.  I felt sore with tummy ache after my silver nitrate treatment too but it didn't last too long, hopefully yours won't either.

Some days the emotional side of it gets too much and the tears come.  You probably needed to release all that tension and emotion inside you that had built up prior to your appointment.

I would suggest a treat and some pampering today, sounds like you need a bit of 'nice'.

Hope your back pain issue resolves very soon, keep us posted about your scan.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Ouch…forceps!! When I had the silver nitrate I had what felt like period pains (ironic hey?) for 3 days so just kept myself topped up with nurofen. Hope it passes quicker for you!

Glad you’ve managed to have a good sob, it really helps sometimes!!

Good luck for the scan, let us know how you get on. Thinking of you xxx