9 days post RH

Hi everyone,

Igot out of hospital day before yesterday, have had a radical hysterectomy on  30th.  They were originally taking my ovaries but luckily in surgery decided to move them up and away.  I'm back at hospital tomorrow for results on everything, they've removed my lymph nodes and staged me at 1b2 on my discharge papers although I was originally told 1b1. They've now called and said I have to see the radiologist next wed, said they will run through my treatment plan....so presumably I'm having radio but don't know yet how much.. would like to know how long they normally wait after surgery before starting (my incision is hip to hip) thanks:)




I was told 6 weeks to start radio. i postponed my radio appt at first as I just wasn't ready physically or mentally to make that decision. I ended up not having radio. i think sometimes hospitals however good they are forget that you need time to think and recover after an op before you can bake major decisions . 


Glad you are out of hospital and your surgery went well.I would listen to what

the consultant has to say,and if at all possible wait as long as you can before

starting the radiotherapy.Just so you get as much strength back as you can

bearing in mind it's not just the treatment,it's the travel there and back everyday

which is a physical and mental effort.How do you feel at the moment?

The bonus would be you get all the treatment done and dusted at the same time.

I hope everything gets sorted ASAP.Once you get all the info it will be easier for you.

Keep us posted,and if you need to know anything just ask.


Becky x

Hi all,

Just back from seeing the gynaecologist, all ok, wound is a little infected with some dead tissue that may need trimming within the next few weeks.  Bladder ok, not emptying fully yet but enough to keep them happy.

The bad news is that there is metastases into the lymph nodes, he reeled off a huge list of all the ones they removed... Its also in my blood stream, meaning the next step is approximately 35 rounds of radiotherapy and weekly chemotherapy too...bit of a shock as I was expecting the radio after everything I've read,  but not the chemo. Now waiting to see the oncologist and radiologist on Wednesday to find out exactly how much, what type and when :(

Feeling strangely energised right now, may be the build up to today, as i was hoping the worst was over....will probably come back down to earth with a bit of a crash shortly.

Trying to stay positive,  ops over and done with, staples are out and no longer pulling, and now they're going to make sure there's no more cancer cells in my body,  fingers crossed  







Glad you have found out straight away,it helps to have a game plan.

There are lots of ladies on her that have been through the treatment,

myself included,so if you need to know anything or just want to let

off steam go for it.

The energy you feel is to get you through like an adrenalin rush.I

was speedy all the way through my treatment lol!

Good luck with everything.Drink loads of water it really helps.


Becky x