80% of cervix affected?

Hi I am hoping one of you ladies can help, I've had lletz under ga as consultant said the area was too large to do under local. I've just had a letter to say that 80% of my cervix is affected by CIN? Biopsies aren't back yet from colposcopy and lletz as was only done last week but I wasn't aware it was such a large area has anyone else had similar? I just need my mind putting to rest it was severe dyskaryotic smear! Thanks in advance kel

I had the same thing...I was suppose to have a leep treatment (after first biopsy showed high grade abnormal cells) in February,  and when she went to do it she realized the whole entire cervix was affected. Therefore,  she opt to give me another biopsy and pelvic test to feel around instead as it was worse then she thought...The results showed severe high grade (precancer),  so I had to have a cone biopsy...I had that done on April 18th and got my results on May 2nd with it being all clear with clear margins...I just now go for my 6 mth follow up in October.