8 weeks post RH

Hi all-

I am now 8 weeks post my open RH... still feeling worlds away from the old me!! Just wondered if this is normal!?


i still get aches and pains, feel tired very easily- am working on building up my steps each day- but my main concern is... I still sleep in a recliner! I have tried to build up to getting back into my bed- it's very soft, and as soon as I lay in it, I almost feel panicky! It feels v strange and I just can't get comfortable!! It feels like internally things are all in the wrong place when I'm in bed if that makes any sense at all!?!  Poor husband thinks he will never sleep in a bed next to me again! 
I also- am a million miles away from wanting to be intimate- is that normal!? Think it's mind over matter... but the mind is definitely winning!! 
I also seem to get some sharp pains vaginally every so often!? 

just wanted others recovery experiences and to know that it's ok to still be getting aches and pains 8 weeks later- don't get me wrong- huge improvements have been made from the first few weeks; and I do feel better every week still. 

I kept one ovary- and really struggle when it's my time of the month- makes me very miserable and I seem to be getting severe anxiety at that time too. I'm hoping that this will get better and my hormones have just been balancing themselves out! 


Hi Charlotte

I just wanted to say that what you ars feeling is completely normal in terms of fatigue and not being able to walk far. For weeks i couldn't walk even 200 meters without becoming breathless, but now i can walk a couple of miles without much issue. Some days i feel heavy and tired but they are not too many. Hopefully you will feel the same in no time. 

It is also normal to not want intimacy at this point. I still don't get the cravings for sex as I once did but when you feel up to it, scheduling intimate evenings definitely helps bring the life back into the physical side of your relationship.

I wish you all the best on your road to recovery. 

Thank you for the kind response- it's a tough time for sure! 
I can be quite dramatic (oops!) so often worry that my recovery is slower than others! 
All the little niggles & dull aches drive me mad! And don't get me started in swelly belly... which seems to be a latecomer for me! This week especially I look pregnant!! 
I hope you're doing ok- lovely having this to come to for support when needed isn't it :) 

Charlotte xx

I think the aches and pains are normal, well I am hope so anyway.  Its a just over a year since I had my radical hysterectomy and I still get the odd pains now and again, particularly the sharp pains down below.  My surgeon said it was all quite normal, I raise it at every appointment cause I am a natural worrier and always fear the worst.  It's definitely a mental battle after treatment,  well it certainly is for me. 

All the best with your recovery x

Hi Dee- 

Thank you, it's all such a worry fest isn't it!! 
I get dull aches in my lower back and they make me panic it's something sinister! I guess it'll be this way for some time... just need to try to think positive, which in every walk of life until this- I've always done!! 
Still early days, so thank you for reassuring me that some of the pains etc are 'normal' 


Charlotte x

You're quite right. Being able to come here is a bit of a god send. 

Don't get me started in the bloating. Lol. What a nightmare it is when none of your trousers fit. But if you go onto hrt it will hopefully help in that department.