8 weeks post LLETZ - pelvic floor muscle control

Hi Everyone,

I had a LLETZ/LEEP/whatever-you-call-it-based-on-what-country-you're-from on February 14 2018. About 6-7 days post op, sporadically a few times throughout the day, I started feeling like I was about to lose control of my pelvic floor muscles and almost pee my pants.

I haven't lost urinary control thus far, however, the discomfort of that group of muscles and the prospect of possibly wetting my pants doesn't thrill me. It has happened at least once every day since then and is usually when I am sitting down. Has anyone had any experience with this? Any suggestions other than kegels?

Pertinent information: 31year old, CIN2, LLETZ/LEEP with local anesthetic, adhered to rest and no sex instruction, also received therapeutic dog cuddles.

Additional information: During the last few minutes of the procedure my body started to tense up because of having to hold myself in a weird position on the operating table for so long. I managed to meditate through the first few minutes of my procedure, but towards the end the surgeon was having a difficult time trying to finish what she was doing (I could tell by what she was communicating to the nurses) - do you think my problem could be attributed to having tensed up during the last part?

Thanks for any thoughts you might have. 

Also, if anyone in our community is reading this feeling sad, scared or overwhelmed - think of this little message as a big hug. You are a strong, brave person who is doing the best they can to overcome adversity.