8 weeks for an appointment!!!!

Hiya ladies, 

Recently had a letter to say I have borderline changes with high risk hpv, got my appointment today for colposcopy and its not until 19th November... 8 weeks away :( I'm gutted I don't want to wait that long! I have thought about going private and wondered if anyone else has , and if so, how much did it cost? I don't have health insurance but have a small amount saved up that was supposed to be for a new baby... We were going to ttc from next Friday when my implant was due out :( 


hi I had the same outcome and waited 8 weeks also its very frustrating I had a colposcopy taken with 3 punch biopsies I'm waiting for my results its been 3 weeks now and still waiting!!!

Hi hun, also had the same smear result and had to wait 8 weeks for colposcopy it was an awful wait, maybe call and see if you can get a cancellation? Or as you say the other option is private but I'm not sure on cost. xx

Ring and asked to be called if there is a cancellation, my return appointment yesterday was a cancellation where I went. In terms to abnormal cells it won't make any difference but I know its the stress of waiting to find out that is horrible! 

Hi I had medical insurance so was lucky enough to go private. I got an appointment for colposcopy and lletz within 5 days. I had a copy of the insurance bill and it said £575.

Hi Sarah Jane,

I do sympathise with you having to wait 8 weeks, waiting for appointments is one of the hardest things. The longest I've had to wait was 12 weeks which felt like a lifetime.

There are a lot more ladies being referred to colposcopy now they have started HPV testing so this has unforuntately increased waiting times in some areas. Previosuly with borderline changes it would have been repeat smear in 6 months rather than straight to colposcopy.They tend to see ladies with high grade changes more urgently - not that it helps you, I appreciate that. Saying you'll accept a cancellation, as others have said, or paying privately are the only options unfortunately. Also try to hold on to the fact that borderline changes are the very earliest cell changes, not even mild chnges, and often return to normal. Even with HPV many women clear it naturally from their bodies.

Trying to keep busy and distracting yourself can help you get through this time, and also not spending too much time on the internet looking up stuff about cervical abnormalities or dwelling on it. Easier said than done, believe me I know that, but the time will pass and who knows, you may get a cancellation and be seen a bit sooner. 

All the best to you x

Thanks for the replies ladies, I've tried to get on the cancellation list but apparently they Don't have one, so I've booked an appointment with my gp, to try to get a referral to a different hospital... I would travel 300 miles if it meant I was seen sooner... Private route is Still an option otherwise, we have a small amount saved that was supposed to be to put towards a new baby....that's not gonna happen anytime soon :((( anyway... I know there will be women out there who need to be seen more urgently so trying not to sound selfish... But I can't help reading about the quite a few women who's "borderline" changes have in fact turned out to be cin 3..

Try not to read too much, after my initial posts on here I had to step away until the date of my colposcopy, it was driving me mad. 

My letter of high grade dyskaryosis (moderate)  was down graded on looking and when smear rechecked, low grade with inflammatory cells, although I am still awaiting results of what was taken away, it is just as likely it will be border line changes and no more x