8 days till Dr's appointment - google exhausted :(

Hi everyone,

I'll be honest, i'm here because i'm scared out of my wits and i have 8 days to wait till my Dr's appointment that i made this morning :(

I'll try and keep this short, i just need advice and re-assurance really, i literally know no-one i can discuss this with who has any idea what i mean :(

In 2010 i had my first smear at 25, it came back as CIN3, went for the colposcopy, couldnt do anything then as there was too much 'infected' tissue, had op under general anaesthetic a few weeks later, recovery 10 weeks (alot was taken out). Anyway, i had 3 clear smears after and last March they refused to do another one even though i was told to i'd have them for the next 10 years. So this March gone has been 2 years since last smear. I use the arm implant as a contraceptive and this one has been in for just over 2 years. I have used them since 2007 and in that time i can honestly say i have probably had 5 periods. They were perfectly normal, sore boobs for a week before, normal flow for about 4/5 days then goes away. I have never had abnormal or intermenstrual bleeding.

So, about 3 weeks ago, i had a number 2 Sealed, i hadnt been for a couple of days and this was the 2nd one of the morning after walking the dog. I literally screamed for my boyfriend because the bowl was blood red and the poo itself was a dark red/wine colour. There was a lot of blood. Stupidly i didnt do anything, it was the weekend so i thought i'd just leave it. The next one was normal so i put it to the back of my mind. Later in the week i noticed some blood when i wiped after going for a pee so i thought oh, must be having a period, but then i thought, i havent had any sore boobs at all, when i do have one, my boobs get so bad i end up doing a pregnancy test just in case. The blood was a small amount mixed with discharge, a pinky brown colour really. It lasted a couple of days then stopped. The day after, me and the BF had sex and i noticed a pink discharge after, the next day i was bleeding again and it has been the same since then, on and off, it had stopped last night but its started again this morning. It ranges starts as red then goes a bit darker then stops, Its mixed with a lot of discharge as well :( i did a self examination, my cervix feels like my nose on one side and the other side feels like it has opened out on itself, it feels like there's a growth there, not just one lump, like a range of bumps and lumps. I have some pain in my pelvis, i can't comment on back pain as i have suffered with that for years but i have noticed i can't lie flat on my back. I have to raise my knees.

So i rang Dr's this morning and they have nothing till next Tuesday, i explained what was happening but other than going to a walk in centre, i have to wait.

This is totally not normal for me, at all. Im panicking and just want someone to talk to who knows what this is like!!!!

Thanks for listening xxx


Hi there, and welcome :)). I have experienced what you are going through and the fear of building it up in your mind.  There are lots of reasons for abnormal bleeding including changes in hormones etc. Obviously the fact that they haven't kept up with your smears as you were told is making you more concerned. I experienced really thick gluey blood that was mixed with a lot of discharge, I had it after bowel movements, during and after sex. The likely hood of it turning out to be cc is very low, even though it's been two years since your smear. Maybe call the doctors and ask if you can see a nurse before this appointment just for some peace of mind? 

Take care.

Charlene xx

Hi Charlene,

Thanks for coming back to me :)

That sounds exactly what i'm going through, I've been peeing for England today and every time i go i have a check and its thick discharge with blood :(

Do you think a nurse will have a look and be able to tell what's going on? I know nurses do the smears etc, i just dont want them to go oh thats fine, just leave it till your next smear!!

Well i am firmly sat in the panic station.

I was bleeding yesterday morning and it stopped by mid afternoon. Nothing overnight, nothing there this morning after 2 wee's. Then about 10 past 8 i felt the need for a BM, i've been a bit constipated for the past week so i was pleased i had this urge!! Unfortunately i only passed a small amount but after cleaning up, there was blood coming from my cervix.

Haven't been able to get through to the Dr's yet :( i literally cannot cope with this for a whole week!