8 days post LLETZ do I have an infection?

Hi I'm new to this site, I just need a bit of advice Smile

I had LLETZ treatment 8 days ago (thurs 27th Nov), I had pretty much no symptoms, the first few days I had a little bit of watery discharge but nothing much. But for the last 3-4 days I've had a brownish discharge which has a really unpleasent smell to it thats making me feel quite anxious andself conscious, I know it sounds like an infection but I've followed the aftercare correctly (no sex etc) so I dont understand how I could get an infection. 

I dont feel unwell at all, I havn't had any pain whatsoever, its just the bad smell thats worrying me, I really dont want to go to the doctor if he is going to examin me again, might sound silly but I haven't had any children and I'm not used to the poking and proding in that area!

Do you think I really need to go to a doctor or hold out for a few days to see if it improves or is it nothing to worry about? 

Any response would be much apreciated, thank you Embarassed


Hi Suzz!

I think you should go to the doc for reassurance. If you do have an infection, it would be good to get it cleared-up before you start to feel unwell. I can well imagine you don't want any poking about in that area but if there's a smell that might not be necessary. One whiff might do it - sorry to be graphic! ;) Whatever, you need to put your mind at rest.


Good luck with it!

Kirsty xx

Hi hon,

Kirsty's right. Go to the docs, as it does sound like an infection. the doctor will prob not need to examine you, but will take your temperature and hear about what's wrong. Best not to let it brew over the weekend! It will be easily sorted, and it's NOT because you did anything wrong!

Molly xxx

Thanks for the comments girls, I am at a bit of a loss now as I was at work all day and now its too late to go to the doctors, and Im going down south tomorrow until Tuesday so I'm going to have to wait till them to go to the doctors...unless it really is urgent then i guess I can go to the hospiital down there tomorrow? I still dont know if I actually have one or not, would a few days make a lot of difference? :/


If you did have infection I would think you'd start to develop a temperature etc and may feel unwell. In which case, yes, do pop to the nearest a and e or at least phone 111 and talk to them. They may be able to get you some out of hours care even if not in your own area.

take care,

Molly xx

Hello love,

I had the same when I had my first LLETZ. It was an infection and the GP said it's fairly common after LLETZ. I didn't even need an examination,  she just prescribed antibiotics for 5 days and the smell went.

Hope you get it sorted, Lucy xx