7 years of treatment

hi there


i just wanted to no if anyone else has had a simular situation to me? 

i had my first smear test in 2005 aged 20 at the end of 2005 i was still having results of cin2 so had laser treament. it calmed down a bi and i had regular check ups with my consultant.  i had my first baby in 2007 and was ok. in 2008 i kept having cin2 results again so was given laser treatment again. i had another baby in 2011 but since my results have become worse and are very bad cin2 my doctor needs to confirm with my consultant but its likely i will need to have laser treatment again. 

i had my appointment today so have a number of things rolling around my mind. the first is if i have laser treatment again will i be able to have more children. the doctor said it will be difficult to have smears because of how small my cervix will be so monitoring it in the future will be difficult.

i am currently sat here thinking that at some point the cin 2 will be worse its only a matter of time before it turns cancerous. i am really sorry if this post offends anyone. 

i just feel like theres nothing they can do to stop it. most people have treatment once and a ok right.

Hi I am not in ur sitation but I have a check up coming up shortly i was 17 when I found out that I have cin1-2 I have researched in to this a bit and spoken to doctors and nurses as i have no children and do want children in the future,

they had told me that I am still able to have children but for every time u have the lettz procedure done it basically another less chance of having a child and at more risk of having ur next child premature as ur cervix is getting weaker every time u have treatment done,

have hope that everything will be ok if u have to take this risk of having no more children then do so because u obviously have 2 beautiful kids who love you that would prefer to have you around then to lose you 

good luck to you and ur family I hope everything turns out well!!!! 

if any of this does not sound right some body please let me know because I am forever still researching and wanting to know more!! And as much as I can from as many different people Thankyou :) 



My situation isn't quite the same, however I've continued to have abnormal smears even after LLETZ. I can relate to how you feel, it's hard when most women only need the treatment once yet a few of us continue to have problems. I feel there is very little information and support out there for such situations.

I wondered how you got on at your appointment? I hope that you're doing ok.

Take care x