7 years clear

Hi all
I was first diagnosed with CIN3 precancerous cells plus HPV in 2013 and had several surgeries to clear it. I was given the all clear 2 years later. Been having yearly smear tests since then which are for a total of 10 years after being given the all clear.
My yearly smear test results came back as CIN1 plus HPV so not as bad as the first time but im hoping that is due to having the yearly tests but im still worried and frustrated as I had been clear for 7 years.


Hi, i dont know if you read it but there is a thread which i’ve responded to just today on here where someone has said that their consultant told them HPV never actually goes away, it just comes back negative at low levels. Hopefully you can fight it again to make it ‘clear’, is imagine this must be quite common i guess


Sorry to hear you didn’t get the results you wanted.

I don’t have any advice I’m afraid, but I wondered how many total treatments (was it lletz?) Youve had?

I had LEEP procedure in 2014 but that didnt get rid of the precancerous cells so a few months later I had Lletz done which did work. Im now waiting for a colposcopy to find out more about the abnormal cells from my most recent smear test