7 Years Cancer Free for Stage 4B

Hi Ladies

Just popping on to say hello and to celebrate my 7 year post cancer anniversary for Stage 4b with lung mets.

7 years cancer free!

Sometimes it feels like it was all a dream but I know how fortunate I am and I know how important hope is so I like to come on and say hi every now and again and to show it can be done!!!

Sending lots of love to you all!

Ps - ran my first half marathon this year too when 7 years ago I couldn’t even get up the stairs!! Lol xx


Anna fantastic news. I am just 9 weeks post treatment for stage 2b so I’ve got quite a bit to go!!.

Great to hear positive stories and yours is certainly one of the best.

Thanks for posting hope you are celebrating :partying_face:


That is awesome Anna! Thank you for sharing - we all appreciate positive stories like this!

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This is wonderful to read! Thank you for sharing! :heart:


Amazing. That’s so inspiring. You and your team well and truly kicked cancer’s butt. Thank you for sharing, we all need to be reminded that it’s possible.




Truly amazing news, Fills me with so much hope and joy to hear how well you are doing. Congratulations on the half marathon too… you truly are an inspiration

Much love

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Hi Anna

Happy anniversary! That really is incredible, I’m so happy to hear this. It gives us all so much hope, and the half marathon achievement is really inspirational on many levels. Keep on doing whatever it is you’re doing because it’s clearly working!

Robin x


I’m also a stage 4b survivor, 1 year NED. Your post gives me hope. Xxx


So happy to read this. I’m starting treatment for stage 4b next week and this really gives me hope that it can be beaten.


Wow that’s fantastic👍I find myself in the same situation 4b with lung mets😪 I’ve just finished 6 gruelling chemo session’s and about to start radiotherapy in the next few week’s. Everything had shrunk by half on first mri/ct after 3 chemo’s,now waiting for latest scan result’s🤞
But you prove it can be done,so your post has given me a boost today,so thank’s for that​:+1:Long may it continue for you. As for me it’s onward’s and upward’s​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely wonderful. I am sure your post will give great hope to those who have been diagnosed with the higher stages. It seems that cervical cancer treatment is one of the more successful treatments . Having said that, the fact you are physically so well is a great testament. Congratulations and I wish you a healthy life cancer free.


Huge thank you for giving everyone hope. And all the best with your running x

Thank you so much for posting I am stage 4 and am due to start chemo, this has given me so much hope that it can be beaten at a late stage, hope you continue to do well xx

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Hi all
Just got my one year post treatment MRI results still NED. I was 2B with slight lymph node involvement.
It is hard to be positive during treatment but keep going.
When treatment ends it is still difficult you feel alone with lots of questions living with the worry of of it returning.
Be strong and try to stay positive.