7 weeks post Radical hysterectomy

Hi ladies, I hope someone can help me and offer advice.

I was diagnosed with 1b2 in Oct 23 and had a vertical radical hysterectomy, everything out on 6th December.

The first 3 weeks went very well. I was only ever on over the counter pain killers. I reduced them going forward and was feeling fine. I have 3 area on my tummy that gets sore and hard as the day goes on. I also get sharp stinging pains in my abdomen. I saw the consultant 3 weeks ago and mentioned to her but she didn’t seem concerned.
I am back to talking paracetamol in later afternoon and before bed.
Has anyone else had the same issue and can offer advice?

The good news was that after surgery I was regraded as 1b1 and not needing any further treatment just monitoring.

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