7 weeks after LLETZ, I don't feel well

I had my LLETZ on Nov 30, 2023. After a surgery I felt okay, though couldn’t walk a lot, even at home for a while. I understand that is normal after a surgery. I spend a month at home, walking just around the house, taking care of myself. When I came back at work after a month ( I work in a factory) I was able to work just about 4-5 hours, later pain came back, I could barely walk. Of course, I wasn’t working as usual, just light work, no heavy lifting or anything. After 2 days I took a bit over a week off. After a week off I came back at work again. Managed to work 8 hours for 3 days without any pain. Day 4 I had to leave work earlier because of pain. Day 5 - spend a half day at work, but just because I drunk painkillers. And now I feeling like a first day after a surgery. Is it normal to not be able to live my life as usual after 7 weeks? Should i be worry that something went wrong?
Sorry for such a long text. I hope text is clear enough to understand

Oh gosh that must be so frustrating for you. Im sorry it’s taking you a long time to feel better.

I too was sore for weeks and kept ignoring it as I thought it was in my head/would just go away and that was just after biopsy and polyp removal.

When I finally took the courage and went to the doctor they said it was likely an infection and gave me antibiotics.

Do go to your gp and check that you don’t have an infection that might be slowing down the healing process.

Good luck!

Thank you for your response. I was afraid that can be the case. Im going to call gp on Monday